Democrats May Be Ready For the Weekend, But They Still Aren’t Ready for 2014

March 14, 2014

tgifThe Democrats must be so so glad Friday is finally here … talk about the worst week ever…

Let’s review:

  • Turns out the Democrats’ polling and turnout operations aren’t as impeccable as everyone thought. Despite a Democrat poll showing their candidate up, the Democrats lost an important special election they were favored to win. Stu Rothenberg had called it “the race Democrats can’t afford to lose.”
  • The FL-13 race also poked holes in the Democrats narrative that ObamaCare would be a net-plus for them in 2014. No one really believed that anyway, but this race clarified things. Alex Sink ran the Democrats’ textbook campaign right out of their February memo – but it didn’t work, even in a district Obama won twice.
  • Then Democrats made matters worse, embarking on an aggressive and unbelievable spin expedition that led to nothing more than media ridicule. Among their many spectacles, Steve Israel made the dubious claim that the district (an R+1 that Obama won twice) was really an R+15. As the Washington Post observed: “We know everyone has a job to do, but this is taking political spin to a ridiculous level… (Democrats) cannot credibly say that the other party ‘underperformed’ on its way to victory.
  • To top it off, Cook Report weighed in Thursday, with this analysis: “Rather than trying to own up to the loss, some Democrats have sought to spin the outcome by blaming an unusually Republican electorate in FL-13… In fact, the partisanship of Florida’s 13th CD places it, if anything, slightly to the left of what Democrats currently consider the House ‘battleground.’”

So, yeah, Democrats are ready for the weekend.

Only thing is, they’re still not ready for the 2014 election.