DCCC’s Epic Fail in Pennsylvania House Race

March 18, 2014


Mike Parrish, the DCCC’s prized candidate to run for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 6th District,just dropped out of the race. I guess he watched that Florida-13 special election unfold and didn’t like what he saw.

It really does seem like yesterday that the DCCC was blasting out memos touting Parrish as such a strong candidate and telling the media that he was the “only one the DCCC is talking to.”

The DCCC even sent Nancy Pelosi up to Philadelphia to fundraise for Parrish.

Now it looks like the Florida-13 fallout has left Pelosi and the DCCC with a two-time double digit loser to challenge strong Republican candidate Ryan Costello in the PA-06 open seat. OUCH!

NRCC Comment: “It’s pretty clear after last week’s special election in Florida that Democrats’ chances in 2014 are sinking faster than a boat without a hull. It seems like just yesterday that the DCCC was sending out memos touting Mike Parrish’s candidacy and flying Nancy Pelosi in to fundraise for him. Just a few weeks later, however, Parrish has seen first-hand how difficult it is running straight into the massive headwinds caused by Obamacare. It’s certainly understandable that he would want to jump ship.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior