Ann Callis is Pelosi’s Preferred Candidate

March 19, 2014

Ann Callis became the Democrat nominee for the 13th District last night in Illinois but it cost her a ton of campaign cash to get through her brutal primary.

Another unfortunate outcome from last night for Callis is that pundits and political analysts throughout the country started labeling her as Pelosi’s preferred candidate. It’s also noteworthy that the GOP turnout was much greater than the Democrat turnout leaving many to question if the enthusiasm of the electorate voting for Democrats across the country, especially in this race, are not motivated to vote.

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Not only will Callis be forced to play catch up in order to compete with Congressman Rodney Davis’ fundraising capabilities and campaign war chest, the primary challenge from Gollin has left Callis very wounded with attack ads airing on TV hitting her for being a “political insider” who wants to “cut Social Security.”

New campaign slogan? Ann Callis – Nancy Pelosi’s preferred candidate who is a political insider wanting to cut Social Security with an unmotivated base.

Not a good start for Callis

NRCC Statement: “It can’t feel good to be Ann Callis the day after the primary election knowing that she spent all of her campaign cash in her primary and now has the label of Pelosi’s handpicked candidate hanging over her head. While Callis has been criticized by all of her local newspapers for lacking substance or any real thoughts on our nation’s problems, one thing Callis needs to start explaining now is why she continues to support Nancy Pelosi’s liberal agenda over Illinois families.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Prill