Maryland Spent $125.5 Million On Its ObamaCare Website. Now They’re Starting From Scratch

March 31, 2014

Maryland is planning to throw away the $125.5 million that was spent on the state’s ObamaCare website.

According to the Washington Post, the state is going to start completely over with its broken healthcare exchange.

Maryland’s original marketplace has had numerous problems, including the site crashing on the first day it was launched, and the state fell short of its original goal of 150,000 enrollees for its first enrollment period.

The big question now: will the new site be actually work in time for the next enrollment period in November? Or will the taxpayers be asked to bankroll yet another waste of money?

From the Washington Post:

Then on Tuesday, Maryland will begin the process of replacing its troubled exchange, which has had so many problems since its launch on Oct. 1 that officials have decided it would be better to start anew.

Maryland had more than two years to create its first exchange, which has cost $125.5 million to build and operate, according to the exchange’s spokeswoman. The state now has about seven months to replace that system, a feat that will likely cost tens of millions of dollars. The second enrollment period opens Nov. 15.