6 People Who Could Be Sean Eldridge’s New Communications Director

April 16, 2014

Sean Eldridge is looking for a Communications Director. That’s probably a good idea when some of the biggest headlines on Eldridge have been, to name a few: (1) Chasing Sean Eldridge, (2) Sean Eldridge Is Great At Buying Hudson Valley Homes, Not As Good At Buying His Neighbors’ Affection, and (3) Young, Rich and Relocating Yet Again in Hunt for Political Office.

But whoever takes this job is going to have to be a special kind of person. Someone with a certain amount of arrogance, a dash of hyper-ambition, and the willingness to be part of the shallowest political campaigns in recent history.

Based on that, we have a few recommendations for Sean Eldridge’s new Communications Director.

1. King Joffrey – Game of Thrones


2. Pete Campbell – Mad Men


3. Jonah Ryan – Veep


4. Saul Goodman – Breaking Bad


5. Schmidt – New Girl


6. Frank Underwood – House of Cards