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House Democrat Predicts ObamaCare Will Defeat Democrats In The Midterms
NRCC | April 18, 2014

President Obama may be attempting to spin the latest ObamaCare numbers to his favor, but on the ground, House Democrats are being met with hard reality.

Massachusetts Democrat Rep. Stephen Lynch candidly told the Boston Herald yesterday that ObamaCare will cost Democrats seats in the House.

“We will lose seats in the House. I am fairly certain of that based on the poll numbers that are coming out from the more experienced pollsters down there,” Rep. Lynch said, “primarily because of health care.”

Lynch also questioned whether his Democrat colleagues in the House even “read through the bill,” and said that the numerous ObamaCare delays have prolonged the “tough medicine” that will will make ObamaCare truly “hit the fan.”

Congressman Lynch, we agree. President Obama may act like ObamaCare is a success and that it’s time to “move on”, but voters aren’t ready to accept a failed law that is spiking premiums, raising taxes, busting budgets, and canceling insurance plans. House Democrats are going to pay the price in November for President Obama’s intransigence.

Stand with House Republicans as we fight to make sure Democrats are held accountable for ObamaCare in 2014. 

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From the Boston Herald:

U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch, the lone member of the Bay State delegation to vote against Obama­care four years ago, now predicts the law’s botched roll-out will not only cost Democrats valuable House seats but could even jeopardize their control of the Senate in this year’s hotly contested midterm elections.

“We will lose seats in the House,” the plain-talking South Boston Democrat said in Boston Herald Radio’s studio yesterday, delivering a harsh diagnosis. “I am fairly certain of that based on the poll numbers that are coming out from the more experienced pollsters down there. And I think we may lose the Senate. I think that’s a possibility if things continue to go the way they have been … primarily because of health care.”

Lynch cuttingly questioned whether many of his colleagues who echoed President Obama’s health care promises even “read through the bill really,” noting that many mechanisms created to fund the law still aren’t in effect.

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