Carol Shea-Porter’s scary scary world

May 5, 2014


Did you see that Carol Shea-Porter wants people not voting Democrat to be kept at home this Election Day.

That sounds like a call to suppress votes so that Shea-Porter can return to a 2008-10-era Washington when Democrats had full control of the government, passed Obamacare, the wasteful stimulus, cap-and-trade, and rang up the debt at a staggering rate.

Unfortunately for Shea-Porter, and fortunately for everyone else, the last thing Granite Staters want is a return to the scary scary place that is Shea-Porter world.

NRCC Comment: “In Carol Shea-Porter’s scary vision of America, there are no Republicans, Independents, or Democrats – there are just liberal Democrats. Fortunately for Granite State voters who happen to disagree with Shea-Porter’s dangerous fantasy of one-party rule, they will have an opportunity this November to vote against Shea-Porter and her blind support for Obamacare and the destructive Obama-Pelosi agenda.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior