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This Democrat Congressman’s Worst Nightmare Just Walked Out of Jail
NRCC | May 7, 2014


To say that yesterday was a bad day for John Tierney would be a massive understatement. First he learns that the US Chamber of Commerce is airing $350,000 worth of ads highlighting Tierney’s pro-jobs opponent Richard Tisei. Then he finds out that his brother-in-law, Daniel Eremian, is being released from prison a year earlier.

You’ll remember Eremian was convicted in December 2011 on federal racketeering and illegal gambling charges for helping run a multi-million dollar offshore sports gambling operation based on the Caribbean island of Antigua.

And this would be the same Eremian who said in 2011 that Tierney was a “liar,” “knew everything” about the illicit gambling ring, and threw his wife and Eremian’s sister under the bus to save his political career.Can’t help but wondering what Eremian might be willing to say about Tierney this time around.

NRCC Comment: “John Tierney may want to put his legal problems behind him, but his worst nightmare just walked out of prison a year earlier than Tierney thought or hoped. Maybe now Massachusetts voters will finally get some answers about what Tierney knew, when he knew it, and why he has spent the past several years lying to them.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior

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