$ean Eldridge goes all King Joffrey on Chamber Ads

May 7, 2014

Joffrey (1)

I’d hate to be a lowly campaign worker in the $ean Eldridge campaign today. Because Eldridge is throwing an epic tantrum about the fact that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is airing television ads highlighting Congressman Chris Gibson’s record as a war hero and independent Congressman.

I guess Eldridge thought that everyone would just roll over while he launched a transparent attempt to buy a Congressional seat. Seems like another area where his high priced and negligent consultants led him astray.

NRCC Comment: “Sean Eldridge is so self-entitled that he can’t tolerate anyone supporting Congressman Chris Gibson, who has been risking his life for this country since Eldridge was a baby drinking his own Kool-Aid out of a sippy cup. If Eldridge’s glass jaw is so easily shattered, he’s going to have a hard time convincing Hudson Valley families to send him to Congress to fight for them.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior