This One Chart Will Show You All You Need To Know About ObamaCare’s Enrollees

May 12, 2014

A new study from McKinsey released over the weekend determined that 74% of ObamaCare’s enrollees already had health insurance before purchasing a new plan on the exchange, meaning that only a fourth of the law’s enrollees were uninsured.

The study also found that more than half (56%) of eligible consumers looked through the ObamaCare plans, but ultimately refused to enroll.

Premiums are going up, costs are going up, and healthcare spending is still accelerating. Now, it looks like yet another one of the Democrats’ empty promises – that ObamaCare will help reduce the uninsured – is falling by the wayside. ObamaCare is not a good deal for the American people, and they know it.


From Townhall:

Other polling has indicated that the top factor in people deciding not to sign up for Obamacare plans was high costs. This McKinsey study indicated that premium payment rates have climbed into the mid-80s percent range, with previously-uninsured and young consumers responsible for the highest delinquency rates. Even fewer “young invincibles” in the risk pools does not bode well…

Fewer than three million genuinely new and previously-uninsured enrollees thanks to Washington’s multi-trillion-dollar scheme that literally requires people to obtain coverage. Congratulations on that glittering success, Democrats. The American people are profoundly impressed and grateful.