John Barrow’s politicking called out by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

May 13, 2014

John Barrow is known for being a self-serving politician whose only focus is to better position himself for re-elect. While the priorities of 12th District families are second to the priorities of John Barrow’s ambition, this latest bill, which would require Members of Congress to fly coach, is so transparent that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution called out Barrow for his shameless ways.

While Barrow will claim this bill is a brilliant idea, did it really take the Congressman 9 whole years to come up with that idea? Or is the former trial lawyer running out of gimmicks and hit an all-time pandering low?

Also, let’s not forget that just last month Barrow voted to give Members first class air travel.

NRCC Statement: “John Barrow’s political pandering has hit an embarrassing all-time low. If the former trial lawyer turned politician spent as much effort actually working for the families of the 12th District, folks in his district might have been able to avoid the devastating sequester cuts and the harmful effects of Obamacare.” – NRCC Spokeswoman Katie Prill

In case you missed it…


About John Barrow’s bill to require Congress to fly coach
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
By Jim Galloway

Yes, it’s an election-year gimmick. And no, it has no chance of passing.

Still, it may be the best, and most shameless, name for a bill since – well, since ever: “If Our Military Has to Fly Coach Then so Should Congress Act” (H.R. 4632).

U.S. Rep. John Barrow, D-Augusta, who may not know the identity of his GOP opposition until July, is one of the four authors. (Two are Republicans.)

Writes Barrow about the IOMHTFCTSSCA:

“It’s not enough to give lip service to cutting wasteful spending — we should set a good example. And not spending other people’s money on first class travel is a good place to start.”

But only a start. Next up:

“If I Have to Drive a Car With 250,000 Miles, a Cracked Side Mirror, And Kid Goo On The Seats, Then So Should Congress Act.”