This Democrat Candidate for Congress is Petrified of Obamacare

May 15, 2014

Bill Hughes Jr. has a “noteworthy” career as a criminal defense attorney representing all kinds of sordid characters from a child pornographer to a dirty cop to an alleged human trafficker.

And if Hughes has learned anything in his career defending some of the worst people in New Jersey, it’s that you don’t have your clients take the stand to defend the indefensible.

Which is probably why Hughes Jr. updated the issues page of his website without mentioning . . . wait for it . . . OBAMACARE. Doesn’t mention it a single time.

Which is very strange indeed, because Hughes Jr. proudly pronounced this to the Wall Street Journal:

“I’m not afraid of the Affordable Care Act.”

Guess he changed his mind.

NRCC Comment: “Fourth-tier Democrat candidate Bill Hughes Jr. may have been willing to defend a child pornographer, a mobster, and an alleged human trafficker, but he apparently draws the line when it comes to defending Obamacare. Hughes Jr. proudly claimed that he’s ‘not afraid’ of Obamacare, but the fact that he won’t even mention it on his website shows just how difficult it is for Democrats to run on this train wreck of a law.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior