NRCC Launches ‘Drive to 245’

May 20, 2014

WASHINGTON –National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Greg Walden unveiled an exciting new national campaign today to Republican Members of Congress, called “Drive to 245,” aimed at growing the House Republican majority to some of its largest levels in modern history.

“Drive to 245” sets an ambitious goal of growing the Republican majority to an even larger size than post-2010. The campaign will seek to engage Republican Members of Congress, donors, activists, grassroots leaders and candidates in a coast-to-coast effort to maximize Republican pick-up opportunities in 2014.

“This ambitious effort is going to take substantial resources and dedication given the commitment President Obama has made to taking out our Members,” Chairman Walden said. “But I’m confident that with so many outstanding recruits in districts all across the country, and with the wind at our backs, that we will continue to expand the playing field and rise to this challenge. If we do, maybe we can finally send Nancy Pelosi into retirement and back to San Francisco.”

“Drive to 245” video can be seen here:

NRCC Drive to 245


To learn more, visit the “Drive to 245” website here: