Dems Plan to Win Women: Pink Mailers and Keep Them in the Kitchen

May 21, 2014

barber1Look what women in Arizona are receiving in their mailboxes: Pink and purple-colored taxpayer-funded mailers from Democrat Ron Barber that tout the work he claims he’s done on equal pay but make no mention of his gross hypocrisy on this issue. But at least they’re pretty. This is the year 2014, but Barber apparently thinks that anything sent to women should be in pink and fuchsia: Pink is for girls; blue is for boys. Sorry, but this isn’t 1950, Ron. Not surprising though given what we’ve seen from Barber. In 2012, Barber attacked his opponent – the first woman to fly in combat, who sued Donald Rumsfeld on behalf of women’s rights – for a “war on women.” Martha McSally’s retort is still making waves on the internet. But based on their attacks, Barber’s party thinks McSally should just stay in the kitchen. barber2What Barber fails to mention in his pretty little mailer:

  • Both the Tucson Weekly and the Arizona Daily Star have reported on the controversy over the median salary for full-time, year-round women in Barber’s own office. Under a formula Barber touted in a Star op-ed, Barber is a hypocrite and actually doesn’t pay women as much as men by the standard he and President Obama have outlined. Under that formula, Barber pays women 84 cents on the dollar.
  • The Arizona Republic called Barber’s statements on equal pay “mostly false” in a fact check just this week.