ObamaCare Error Causes North Carolina Family Pain and Stress

May 21, 2014

After the Higdon family was forced to give up their beloved healthcare plan and enroll in ObamaCare, their daughter is being denied medication because of an ObamaCare blunder.

Thanks to the ObamaCare error, Shelby Higdon cannot receive her much needed medicine because her BlueCross BlueShield health insurance account lists her as male, instead of female. “When it was time to get my medicine, they told that they couldn’t give it to me because on my insurance I was registered as a man,” Shelby, from Marion, NC, told WLOS. While this may seem like a simple fix, changing Shelby’s information has become a nightmare for the family.

For weeks, Shelby and her mother, Kris, have been calling HealthCare.gov to rectify this issue. After being “promised” that the issue had been resolved, Shelby’s insurance claims that she is still marked as male and not female. Not only is HealthCare.gov unwilling to help the Higdons, but they have been rude to the family during the entire ordeal. “They’ve hung up on me, I’ve been put on hold and transferred to somebody who had no clue what I was calling for,” Kris said.

Taxpayers deserve better healthcare and customer service, they should not have to worry at night about their medical information being recorded properly by HealthCare.gov. Unfortunately, taxpayers and families, like the Higdons, are all too familiar with broken promises by Obama and his Democratic allies. This November, voters will demonstrate their frustrations with ObamaCare by electing Republican leaders who will promote healthcare stability and repeal this toxic law.

From Washington Free Beacon:

“Shelby says she filled out the information on the application correctly so it came as a surprise to her when she couldn’t get her medication.

“Kris revealed that Shelby’s medication costs “Somewhere between $200 and $300 for her medication. She has to have it or it’s going to cause her to be in pain.”