Watch This Florida Democrat Say “We Proved That Communism Works”

May 21, 2014

Joe Garcia just can’t help himself. After trying to run for Congress for 6 years, he now has the opportunity to serve South Florida families but instead he is proving to be unfit for public office.

The next embarrassing chapter of the Garcia saga happened last night during a Google Hangout. Garcia told the participants of the Hangout that “We’ve proved that Communism works.”

Watch it for yourself

NRCC Statement: “Congressman Joe Garcia has embarrassed South Florida families with his voter fraud scandal, his bad committee hearing hygiene and now he has the audacity to say Communism works. If his bone-headed behavior before wasn’t an indication, this irresponsible statement proves that Joe Garcia is not fit to represent the 26th District in Congress.”– Katie Prill, NRCC Spokeswoman