Days of Future Past in Pennsylvania’s 6th and 8th Districts

May 29, 2014


Did you see where the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee reserved $1.9 million to spend on the Congressional race in Pennsylvania’s 6th and 8th Districts? We understand if you don’t take this all that seriously – after all, we’ve seen this story before.

Remember in 2010 when career Congressional candidate Manan Trivedi was on his way to the first of his two double digit losses? In June of that year Trivedi was put on the DCCC’s Red to Blue list. In October? The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that the DCCC “passed over Trivedi’s race in order to dump money elsewhere.”

The same thing happened in 2012. The DCCC highlighted Trivedi as a top recruit in April and put him on the list of top candidates along with Mike Fitzpatrick’s opponent Kathy Boockvar.  Fast forward to October of 2012 and once again the DCCC jumped ship, yanking $2.6 million in advertising for Boockvar and Trivedi.They both lost – badly.

So forgive us all if we don’t bet the ranch on the DCCC spending a dime on their flawed candidates in these races.

NRCC Comment: “You don’t need Doc Brown’s Delorean to go back in time and see that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has a history of reserving time in Philadelphia and jumping ship on its flailing candidates by October. There is no reason to think that this year will be any different, whether it is with two-time double-digit loser Manan Trivedi or Kevin Strouse, whose skin-of-the-teeth primary win gave him all the momentum of a broken down station wagon.”– NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior