Nick Casey Jr.’s Ironic “Ignorance”

June 2, 2014


Remember when Nick Casey Jr. said that John McCain was counting on ignorant, inbred and racist West Virginia voters to support him over Barack Obama for President?

Well, in an ironic turn it was Nick Casey who is now claiming ignorance – specifically, Casey Jr. claimed today on Talkline with Hoppy Kercheval that he supported Obama because he didn’t know Obama was anti-coal. Hmmm, where have we heard that before – oh yeah, from the Nick Rahall book of lies.

Just so we’re clear, Nick Casey is telling us that he supported Obama over both Hilary Clinton and John McCain despite the existence of this well-known video where Obama MADE IT VERY CLEAR HE WAS ANTI-COAL.

So either Casey is once again insulting voters, or he exercised no diligence whatsoever in vetting the Presidential candidate he worked so hard to get elected. Either way, the last thing Nick Casey should be doing is representing West Virginia’s 2nd district in Congress.

NRCC Comment: “Nick Casey Jr.’s claim that he didn’t know Barack Obama was anti-coal is absolutely ludicrous. Casey knew full well that Obama was committed to bankrupting the coal industry when he helped him become President and Casey’s feigned ignorance is another example of the low esteem in which he holds West Virginia voters.”– NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior