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Will Julia Brownley Condemn These Racial Tweets From Her District’s County Democrat Chair?
NRCC | July 7, 2014

I hope everyone had a relaxing Fourth of July weekend, because David Atkins, the Chairman of the Ventura County Democrat Central Committee, clearly did not.

Atkins spent his weekend tweeting out offensive and degrading comments about Republicans, including comparing them to Nazis. This latest tirade came on the heels of last week’s episode, when he tweeted multiple times that he can’t wait for older, white Republican voters to die.

 Atkins Tweets Is Chairman David Atkins’s racially motivated, hateful tirade representative of the Democrat voters and elected officials of Ventura County? More importantly, does Democrat Congresswoman Julia Brownley agree with him?  

After all, Brownley’s campaign website proudly lists Atkins’ endorsement of her. Their picture together is on the Party’s Facebook page. Brownley’s campaign has even given Atkins’ Ventura County Democrat Central Committee $3,450 so far this cycle.

The voters of Ventura County deserve better than this sort of partisan, hateful behavior. Julia Brownley should lead by example and condemn David Atkins’ his comments immediately.

NRCC Comment: “Racially-motivated and vitriolic rhetoric has no place in Ventura County’s political dialogue. Chairman David Atkins’ hateful rant is disgusting and unbecoming of his position as the leader of Ventura County Democrats. Elected Democrats like Julia Brownley need to condemn his comments immediately and send a signal that hate-fueled language like this is not welcome in Ventura County.” – Andrew Clark, NRCC Digital Press Secretary 

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