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President Obama Says He Wants To Work With House Republicans, Then Tells Liberal Donors That Republicans Are “Off The Rails” 
NRCC | July 25, 2014

President Obama is trying to have his fundraising cake, and eat it too.

While off on a six-event Democrat fundraising swing in California (during the middle of two major international crises in Israel and Ukraine, and another crisis on our southern border), President Obama told a roomful of liberal donors that Republicans had “gone off the rails,” urging them to help put Nancy Pelosi back in control of Congress. He also described himself as “not overly partisan.”

On the other hand, President Obama repeatedly chastises Republicans for not cooperating with his agenda.

So which is it, President Obama? Do you want to work with House Republicans to deliver results for the American people? Or would you rather fundraise in California and tell wealthy liberals how badly you want to kick House Republicans out of Congress?

Remember, the Republican-controlled House has passed dozens of bills that would help grow the economy, create jobs, and rollback burdensome regulations. “If he’s serious, he’ll help us break the logjam in his party’s Senate and make more progress for Americans still asking ‘where are the jobs?’” House Speaker John Boehner said this week.

This looks like yet another case of President Obama failing to lead – and failing to recognize the hypocrisy in asking for cooperation on one day and railing against the opposition on the next.

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From the AP:

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — As hopes dim for bipartisan action in Congress this summer, President Barack Obama is calling on Republican lawmakers to cooperate while complaining that they have “gone off the rails” and urging Democrats to get over their complacency and vote them out of office.

The mixed messages aim to cast Obama as being above the fray even as he embarks on one of his most intense fundraising sprees for the Democratic Party.

“I’m not overly partisan,” he insisted Tuesday before 250 donors in a well-to-do lakefront neighborhood in Seattle. “The problem is not the Republican Party per se. The problem is this particular group that has gone kind off the rails.”

“The reason you are here today and the reason I’m here today is because I want a Congress that can actually get the job done,” he continued.

Obama’s fundraising — at least six events over three days in Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles — comes in a week that represented the two extremes of his approach to Congress. On Tuesday he signed a rare piece of bipartisan job-training legislation and hailed it as a symbol of cooperation. On Monday he signed an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from discriminating on the base of sexual orientation, the kind of go-it-alone strategy he has made a keystone of his second term.

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