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This New York Democrat Has a Green Party Problem
NRCC | July 28, 2014


Republicans have unified behind the candidacy of Elise Stefanik, but there’s little in the way of unified support for Manhattan Multimillionaire Aaron Woolf.

Woolf not only remains largely unknown in the North Country, but as both the Glen Falls Post Star and North Country Public Radio note, Woolf is facing the very real possibility that Green Party candidate Matt Funicello will peel away at his base.

After all, while Woolf’s campaign platform amounts to lifting the same trite talking points from Nancy Pelosi’s playbook as at least 12 other Democrats running this year, Funicello has stated very concrete and liberal positions, such as single payer healthcare.

NRCC Comment: “Manhattan multimillionaire Aaron Woolf’s failure to offer much substance in his campaign has many liberals looking instead to Green Party candidate Matt Funicello. Add to that the fact that Republicansand Conservatives are united for Elise Stefanik and it equals bad news for Woolf this November.”– NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior

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