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Speaker Boehner Explains Why The Lawsuit Against President Obama Is Designed To Defend The Constitution 
NRCC | July 28, 2014

Republican House Speaker John Boehner took to the pages of USA Today this morning to confront President Obama on his lack of concern or respect for the Constitution and his unlawful ways of making executive orders.

“I believe the president’s actions in a number of areas — including job-destroying energy regulations, releasing the “Taliban 5” from Guantanamo without notice and waiving the work requirements in welfare — exceed his constitutional authority,” the Speaker wrote today.

Speaker Boehner and House Republicans have taken it upon themselves to defend the Constitution, keep the President and his administration accountable for their illegal actions, and ensure that they “remain focused on the American people’s top priority: jobs and the economy.”

At least one branch of the government is standing up for the American people and defending what our Founding Fathers fought so hard to construct. “Congress makes the laws; the president executes them. That is the system the Founders gave us,” Speaker Boehner wrote. “This is not about executive orders. Every president issues executive orders. Most of them, though, do so within the law.” 

Read the whole op-ed here

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