When Will Julia Brownley Give Up Her Stolen Income?

July 31, 2014

David Atkins, the chairman of the Ventura County Democrats, apparently wants his political ally Julia Brownley to give up her stolen income.

“The key is that the takings of the top 4% are illegitimate,” Atkins tweeted. “…you didn’t earn it. You stole it,” he said in another.

You read that right! The Ventura County Democrats apparently believe that Julia Brownley’s $235,000+ in salary and investment income, which puts her in that top 4%, is the product of theft!!!

It may be her annual congressional salary of $174,000 that the Ventura Democrats have a problem with. Or it might be the hundreds of thousands more in annual investment income that the Ventura Democrats don’t like.

Does Julia Brownley agree with the far-left liberal position that her income is “illegitimate” and that she “stole it?” Does Brownley agree that wealthy residents in her district stole their income? Or will she distance herself from the (yet again…remember last time) outlandish statements espoused by her district’s Democrat Party Chairman and hope no one notices?

NRCC Comment: “Yet again, Julia Brownley’s far-left political ally is espousing radical and offensive views on behalf of the Democrat Party. The last time this happened, Brownley refused to stand up for Ventura County and condemn his offensive statements. Now that the Party is telling wealthy residents, herself included, that their incomes are the illegitimate result of theft, will she have the courage to speak up and demand his resignation from her Party’s leadership? – Andrew Clark, NRCC Digital Press Secretary