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Yet Another Democrat Staffer With History of Racist Tweets
NRCC | July 31, 2014

Weird strouse

Did you see the latest on the Strouse for Congress campaign? According to the Daily Caller, the campaign sent out a fundraising email from a staffer with a history of racist and insensitive tweets.

What did Strouse do? His campaign – not him – issues a half-hearted apology, yet still leaves the staffer’s fundraising pitch front and center on the Strouse for Congress web page.

This is just the latest in a string of bizarre moves from Strouse, who is now known as the candidate who publicly advocated for taxpayer funded sex change operations for children. Maybe that’s why DCCC Chairman Steve Israel has completely abandoned Strouse. Quite the fall for a candidate who at one point was Nancy Pelosi’s dream candidate in her quest to become Speaker of the House again.

NRCC Comment: “Kevin Strouse’s candidacy started out as a dream for Nancy Pelosi, but it has since become a nightmare. Whether he is squeaking by in his primary, supporting taxpayer funded sex change operations for children, or allowing a staffer with a history of racist tweets to become the face of his campaign, Strouse is proving why he shouldn’t be representing Pennsylvanian families in Washington.”    – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior

*** Bizarre photo above courtesy of Strouse supporter.

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