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$ean Eldridge Accuses a Union of Fraud – Because Its Poll Had Him Losing
NRCC | August 7, 2014


This morning we learned that the United Transportation Union released a poll showing Chris Gibson leading $ean Eldridge by 27 points.

Then $ean’s spokesperson responded by implying that the United Transportation Union had cooked the poll because they have supported Gibson’s campaigns. That sounds like she is accusing the union of fraud and/or corruption. Here’s the quote:

“It’s hardly shocking that the same group that gave $15,000 to Chris Gibson’s campaign also paid for a poll showing he’ll win.”Eldridge Communications Director Sophie Friedman

So what is $ean’s problem? Receiving money from unions can’t be the problem because $ean does that. Maybe the problem is that $ean doesn’t like unions that don’t give to him. Especially ones that release polls showing him getting trounced.

Here’s a thought $ean – instead of trying to discredit the organization that conducted the poll, why don’t you just release the one that was listed on your most recent FEC report?

NRCC Comment: “In typical Sean Eldridge fashion, when he saw that the United Transportation Union poll had him trailing Chris Gibson by 27 points, he questioned the integrity of the union that released the poll. Eldridge should immediately apologize for his petulant attack and, if he wants to prove he isn’t badly losing this race, he should release the results of the poll that he conducted in June.” – NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior

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