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Did This Democrat Just Violate Federal Law for Second Time . . . Since September?
NRCC | August 13, 2014


This is unbelievable! Last September, Legal Insurrection caught Martha Robertson sending a blatantly false fundraising email. By doing so she arguably committed the felony of federal wire fraud (sending out a fraudulent fundraising email over interstate communications for the purpose of soliciting money – See 18 U.S.C. 1343). This led to a plethora of bad news stories and ultimately a request for the FBI and US Attorney to investigate Robertson for the incident.

Well, Robertson is now a repeat offender. In the email below (sent via interstate wire for the purposes of raising money) Robertson stated (1) Tom Reed is a millionaire, and (2) Tom Reed voted to raise the Social Security retirement age.

Unfortunately for Martha, both of those statements (also in her new tv ad) were debunked this yesterday by the Ithaca Journal:

“There is no clear evidence Reed’s net worth tops $1 million.”

“Robertson’s ad likewise says Reed voted to raise the age for full Social Security retirement benefits, based on his support for a bipartisan budget proposal in 2012. But that proposal did not dictate an increase in the retirement age.”

And the millionaire claim was debunked by the Buffalo News last month:

“Robertson’s statement also derided Reed as a “millionaire,” but that is not true.”

So once again, it appears that Robertson knowingly made false statements over interstate wire for the purpose of soliciting money. That, according to the United States Criminal Code, is a felony.

Here is the offending email:

From: Martha Robertson [mailto:info@marthaforny.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2014 10:54 AM
Subject:       , I’m asking


–There’s a pretty big chasm between me and Tom Reed.

  • He voted to increase the retirement age for Social Security.
  • He voted to create tax loopholes for big corporations.
  • He voted to raise taxes on middle class families.

Tom Reed and I couldn’t be more different.

I want New York voters to know that. We just launched our first ad to spread the message, but we need your help to keep it on the air.

Will you click here to pitch in $5 or more to help expand our first ad buy?

Tom Reed votes for tax breaks for millionaires like him.

But I will bring your voice to Congress and fight for the values we share.

Help me get the facts out to voters. Chip in today:


Thanks for all you do,




Paid for by the Committee to Elect Martha Robertson


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