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Green Party Candidate in NY-21 May Be Right About His Democrat Opponent
NRCC | August 19, 2014

Woolf movie

A few weeks ago Green Party candidate Matt Funiciello went on the radio and claimed that Manhattan multimillionaire filmmaker Aaron Woolf was running for Congress solely to write a documentary about the experience. He repeated that accusation to DenPubs a week later.

Turns out Funiciello’s smoke leads to some fire – specifically in Woolf’s FEC report. A quick look at Woolf’s disbursements shows that he added two documentary filmmakers to his staff in April.

As noted on the influential Mayor Graham Blog in Watertown, Derek Hallquist, who apparently hired in April, is a professional filmmaker that did an election night film for John Kerry in 2004. Take a look at Hallquist’s site and his IMDB page. Woolf also paid $2,000 to Hallquist’s company Green River Pictures.

Anna Cassell was also brought on to the Woolf staff in April. She works for Mosaic Films which happens to be the same film company that produces of Woolf’s documentaries.

Adding even more intrigue is the fact that Woolf has DIFFERENT outside vendors actually doing his ads – ADDigital and Siegel Strategies – neither of whom appear to be affiliated with Hallquist, Cassell, or Green River Pictures.

So just what IS going on here? Was Matt Funiciello right? Did Aaron Woolf head up to the North Country to run for Congress solely for the purpose of making a movie?

It certainly is a question that Woolf needs to answer.

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