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Gwen Graham’s Obamacare Crisis
NRCC | August 26, 2014

Gwen Graham is up with a new TV ad today which says “Obamacare has got to be changed so it works for North Florida.” Unfortunately, Gwen is not being honest in her TV ad. Just yesterday we told you how Gwen was caught red-handed agreeing with a group behind closed doors that Obamacare was a good thing and that it’s no longer an issue.

You can watch the footage right here.

So why is Gwen Graham telling folks behind closed doors that she agrees Obamacare is a good thing while running TV ads saying she would change the dysfunctional law?

Sounds like that tricky politician double speak if you ask me.

NRCC Statement: “Gwen Graham’s latest TV ad is an overt attempt to hide the fact that she thinks Obamacare is a good thing. It’s shocking that Gwen is telling people behind closed doors that she supports Obamacare but doesn’t have the nerve to own up to it publicly.”– Katie Prill, NRCC Spokeswoman

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