NRCC Memo: New Hampshire Primary Results

September 10, 2014





NH-01: Frank Guinta, R vs. Carol Shea-Porter, D

There may be no member of Congress more out-of-touch with her district than Carol Shea-Porter. Despite the massive unpopularity of ObamaCare, Shea-Porter not only voted for the law, but has repeatedly voted to prevent even common sense fixes that would help New Hampshire families suffering from its effects. In fact, Shea-Porter even called ObamaCare “consumer friendly” and “a great joy and triumph,” despite the fact that Medicare Advantage has been cut $2,190.40 per senior since ObamaCare was enacted.

But Shea-Porter’s blind partisanship goes far beyond just ObamaCare. Shea-Porter proudly boasted of voting with Barack Obama over 90% of the time, and she even voted against a bipartisan bill that would require Congress to pass a budget before Members like her collected their $174,000 paycheck. It is no wonder that even Shea-Porter’s DC backers are writing her off as a loss in 2014.

Meanwhile, Frank Guinta is a responsible leader who believes that the job of the federal government is to help grow local New Hampshire small businesses, not the other way around. As Mayor of Manchester, Guinta worked in a bipartisan manner to help restore and improve the city’s financial condition by reducing spending, cutting taxes, and lowering the city’s deficit spending. In Congress, he focused on improving New Hampshire’s small businesses and fighting back against the high taxes and unfair ObamaCare mandates. Returning Guinta to Congress will bring an independent voice back to Washington who will fight for Granite States families.

Geography: PVI: R+1; Obama 50.2% – Romney 48.6%. This district covers the southeastern part of New Hampshire and consists of Greater Manchester, the Seacoast and the Lakes Region.

NH-02: Marilinda Garcia, R vs. Annie Kuster, D

Let’s be clear: a vote for Annie Kuster is a vote for President Obama’s massively unpopular agenda. Her ties to a president who is massively unpopular in the Granite State are hard to ignore. Aside from voting with him 87 percent of the time, Kuster is—self-admittedly—one of Obama’s “strongest supporters” in the “entire United States Congress.” And don’t forget her famous embrace of President Obama during this year’s State of the Union.

Aside from rubberstamping the president’s policies, Annie Kuster’s two years in Washington have been nothing short of disastrous. Weeks after taking office, she was caught owing thousands in late property taxes. When called out, she ran from questions and merely offered up the explanation “life is expensive.” Later that same year, Kuster brushed off a constituent’s question on Benghazi. During the exchange, she also unknowingly revealed she had no idea where it was located or what legislation Congress was handling.  After the video went viral, she then tried to ban all recordings of her in public places.

Thankfully for New Hampshire, there’s a clear contrast in this election. Marilinda Garcia is a new generation Republican with both the experience and the judgment to get Granite Staters back to work and shake up business as usual in Washington. Simply put: if we want to change Washington and the direction of our country, we have to change the people we send there.

Marilinda has spent four terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and is running to rein in President Obama’s and Annie Kuster’s big government agenda and promote an environment where Granite Staters can find good jobs with higher pay. She understands that this is a unique point in American history. For the first time, future generations are at risk to inherit a country worse off than their parents’ generation. Annie Kuster hasn’t changed Washington, she’s simply become a creature of it. It’s time for a change.

Geography: PVI: D+3; Obama 54% – Romney 45%. This is a large district that stretches from the Massachusetts border to the Canadian and encompasses the cities of Concord and Nashua. Rothenberg and Cook both rate this race as Lean Democrat.


The following are the unofficial results from Tuesday’s primary election in New Hampshire. These results are unofficial and incomplete.

*Indicates Winner determined by AP

NH-01 – GOP Primary    

71 of 113 Precincts Reporting – 63%

Frank Guinta*              49%

Dan Innis                       41%

Brendan Kelly                8%

Everett Jabour               2%

NH-02 – GOP Primary

131 of 188 Precincts Reporting – 70%

Marilinda Garcia*           50%

Gary Lambert                  27%

Jim Lawrence                  19%

Mike Little                         4%