Staci Appel Doesn’t Believe The Islamic State Is A Threat To The U.S.  

September 15, 2014

Last week, Staci Appel said in a debate that she opposes revoking the passports of known American terrorists who admit to joining terrorist organizations like the Islamic State.

At the time, Appel said:

“I would not be urging taking away their passports,” Appel replied. “I think we need to make sure that we work through the system and look through it on a very diligent basis.”

What exactly does ‘working through the system’ mean?

Below are two questions to ask Staci Appel along with a comment from the NRCC.

Does Staci Appel believe the Islamic State is an immediate threat to American security?

Does Staci Appel agree with Barack Obama’s deceptive claim that the Islamic State is neither Islamic nor a state?

NRCC Comment: “Staci Appel’s naïve view of the Islamic State and terrorism is dangerous and puts American lives and interests at risk. It’s obvious that Staci Appel hasn’t done her homework on foreign affairs and national security and isn’t ready for prime time.” – Tyler Q. Houlton, NRCC Spokesman