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Is slinging chalupas at Taco Bell more of a real job than 4 combat tours in the Army?
NRCC | October 2, 2014


That appears to be the question du jour in the 19th District of New York where WIOX, a public radio station, admitted to supporting Sean Eldridge and suggested that former Army Colonel Chris Gibson stop living off the taxpayers and get a real job.

Let’s just look at the multiple levels of irony here – a taxpayer financed radio station criticizes war hero Chris Gibson for “living off of taxpayer money” while serving in four combat tours. And the guy the radio station is unabashedly supporting – $ean Eldridge – had one lone job of substance; the summer he spent gaining some ‘middle class perspective’ slinging chalupas at the Taco Bell drive thru window.

And what has $ean Eldridge said about this kind of support from a media outlet? As you would expect – nothing. For a guy who loves to tweet pictures of himself and, based on is commercials, loves to hear himself talk, you would think he would have had the class to condemn the statement from WIOX, at least on Twitter. But . . . no.

NRCC Comment: “It is pretty ironic that a taxpayer-funded radio station would criticize a 29-year Army veteran with four combat tours under his belt as needing to get a real job and stop living off of the taxpayers. Especially since the radio station made that statement in support of Sean Eldridge, someone whose lone ‘real job’ was slinging chalupas one summer at the Taco Bell drive-thru window. And has Eldridge shown the courage to condemn this statement? Of course not.”– NRCC Spokesman Ian Prior


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