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NRCC TV Ad Highlighting Southerland’s Proven Leadership
NRCC | October 7, 2014

Hey there –

The National Republican Congressional Committee is up in Panama City and Tallahassee with two new TV ads this week. The ad entitled “Mayors” features two local mayors – one Republican, one Democrat – touting Southerland’s proven leadership and record of getting things done for North Florida families.


BRUDNICKI: I’m Mayor Greg Brudnicki, a Democrat.

KELLEY: And I’m Walt Kelley, a Republican.

BRUDNICKI: We may not always agree on things

KELLEY: But we both support Steve Southerland for Congress.

BRUDNICKI: Steve always shoots straight with us.

KELLEY: He looks out for our veterans.

BRUDNICKI: Protects our fishing industry.

KELLEY: Stands up to the Obama agenda.

BRUDNICKI: We may be from different political parties,

KELLEY: But we’re both voting for Steve Southerland, and we hope you will too.

ANNCR: The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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