NRCC TV Ad Highlighting John Barrow’s Votes Against Seniors

October 14, 2014

Hey there –

The National Republican Congressional Committee is up on TV today with a new ad hitting John Barrow for his votes that have hurt Georgia seniors. This ad will run in Savannah and Augusta.

Click here to watch the new TV ad.

NRCC Statement:“John Barrow has turned his back on Georgia seniors. In Washington, Barrow has sided with his party leaders and voted to cut Medicare and raise the retirement age. Georgia seniors need an advocate in Congress not someone like Barrow who has left them behind.” – Katie Prill, NRCC Spokeswoman


Announcer: Can Georgia seniors trust John Barrow anymore?

Barrow has voted 24 times to defend Obamacare, cutting Medicare by $700 billion dollars.

And jeopardizing the care of 1.3 million Georgia seniors.

Barrow even supported a plan that would raise the retirement age to 69, while cutting Social Security benefits.

John Barrow is leaving Georgia seniors behind.

Disclaimer: The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.