NRCC Morning Reads For Oct. 22, 2014: See What The Gov’t Is Wasting Your Money On, Nancy Pelosi Isn’t Going Anywhere, Another Granite State Debate

October 22, 2014



Good morning and welcome to NRCC Morning Reads for Wednesday, October 22, 2014. There are 13 days until Election Day.

See What The Government Is Wasting Your Money On:

In what has become a yearly Washington tradition, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn highlights the ridiculous government projects and programs that your tax dollars fund. Coburn is retiring this year, so this could possibly be the last chance we have to shine a light on the robo-squirrels and climate change musicals. Here are a few selections from the 2014 “Wastebook” out today, from The Washington Post‘s Josh Hicks:

“Synchronized swimming for sea monkeys ($307,500): Three federal agencies supported a study measuring the swirl created by the collective movements of sea monkeys, a tiny variety of brine shrimp. The researchers found that the creatures, along with other swimming plankton, could ‘potentially influence the circulation of water in oceans.’ The National Science Foundation, the Office of Naval Research and the U.S.-Israel Binational Science Foundation contributed $307,524 to the project, but sea-monkey kits can be purchased online for as little as $12.

‘A new bridge demolished for using Canadian steel ($45,000): The Federal Highway Administration helped fund a $144,000 bridge in Morrison, Colo., that had to be demolished because the American-cast steel in the structure was rolled into beams in Canada. U.S. ‘Buy American’ provisions limit the amount of foreign steel that can be used in federally funded construction projects. Morrison Mayor Sean Forey said the value of the Canadian portion of the project exceeded a $2,500 minimum in the grant contract by $771.64.

‘Swedish massages for rabbits ($387,000): The National Institutes of Health paid for a two-year study that involved giving rabbits daily post-exercise rub downs from a ‘mechanical device that simulates the long, flowing strokes used in Swedish massages.’ The goal was to measure the impact on recovery from workouts.

‘A stoner musical (part of $15,000): The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, which received $14,000 last year from the National Endowment for the Arts, hosted a marijuana-themed musical titled ‘Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.’ One advertisement encouraged potential patrons to ‘Smoke up and fill your belly with Manna’s spiced pork, Sesame Seed Teriyaki Chicken, & Filipino Empanadas.’ Even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, pot dealers were not allowed to sell product inside the shows.”

Nancy Pelosi Is Not Going Anywhere:

In case you were wondering about Nancy Pelosi’s future, Democrats say she’s not going anywhere. A new story by Mike Lillis in The Hill today says the San Francisco liberal is here to stay…at least until 2016:

“‘I think she stays for sure, and there are two reasons,’ said a former House lawmaker who worked alongside Pelosi for years.

‘One is the presidential cycle. … It’s very much a symbiotic proposition: Hillary’s chances and Nancy’s longevity,” the Democrat said. ‘The second reason [is] … that nothing major is going to happen in the next two years without House Democratic votes, and it puts her in a position of leveraging those votes to accomplish at least some of our agenda.'”

Even Pelosi’s Super PAC Has Given Up On Winning The House In 2014:

You know it’s bad when your own side doesn’t even believe in you. Time Magazine‘s Zeke Miller writes how House Majority PAC stated publicly they’re now focused more on 2016 than on 2014:

‘I don’t think I will shock anyone by saying that it is an uphill climb to win a majority in the House this year,’ the email, titled ‘Long-term planning,’ from House Majority PAC states. ‘But that doesn’t mean we can’t lay the groundwork for 2016 now.’

‘Acknowledging that retaking the majority was always a long shot at best for House Democrats is one thing, but saying it publicly just two weeks before polls close is another. Pelosi is barred by law from dictating messages to the super PAC, though it has a history of following her public comments. She has appeared at events for the group, which is run by her former aides and focused on her goal of retaking House control.”

In fact, the Democratic group moved their remaining ad buy in New Jersey’s 3rd district–thought to be the only remaining competitive seat in the state–to the 1st district, a deeply Democratic seat. The candidate in that district is the brother of George Norcross III, a Democratic power broker in the state. It appears the left has shifted its strategy from winning races to doling out political favors. After all, Democrats can brag all they want about how “creative” and “out-of-the-box” their television ads are, but if you’re not using them to win races, it doesn’t mean a damn thing.

News and Notes from the Campaign Trail: 

  • In a debate in the Granite State last night, Republican Frank Guinta took liberal Democrat Carol Shea-Porter to task for her support of ObamaCare and for failing to improve the New Hampshire economy.
  • The Beckley Register-Herald interviewed West Virginia Republican Evan Jenkins. He criticized his opponent Democrat Nick Rahall for his support of President Obama and his war on coal.
  • The Washington Times endorsed Virginia Republican Barbara Comstock to replace the retiring Frank Wolf saying she will be “up to the task” of replacing her former boss.


Those are your NRCC Morning Reads for Wednesday, October 22, 2014.