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NRCC TV Ad Highlighting Andrew Romanoff’s Record of Tax Increases
NRCC | October 24, 2014

The NRCC launched its latest television ad in Colorado’s 6th Congressional District today. The ad highlights Andrew Romanoff’s long record of supporting tax increases on Colorado’s middle class and Senator Michael Bennet’s true feelings about Romanoff’s political ambition.

Watch the ad here.

NRCC Comment: “Andrew Romanoff will do anything to advance his political career, including waging a failed attempt to unseat a fellow Democrat Senator. No wonder Democrats have called Andrew Romanoff a ‘dishonest, career politician’ and his ads have been widely criticized as false and misleading. Colorado’s middle class can’t afford a big-spending, career politician like Andrew Romanoff in Congress.” – Tyler Q. Houlton, NRCC Spokesman


ANNCR: Take a closer look a career politician Andrew Romanoff.

The Post said he’s “consumed by ambition.”

His ads described as “below the belt.”

In the legislature, Romanoff increased spending 31%.

He hiked taxes and fees over 50 times.

His plan raised our taxes over $3 billion.

No wonder Senator Michael Bennet’s campaign called Romanoff a dishonest, career politician.

Andrew Romanoff would make Washington worse.

The National Republican Congressional Committee is responsible for the content of this advertising.

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