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How Would You Spend $ean Eldridge’s $4 Million Campaign Check?
NRCC | October 29, 2014

In case you missed it, the latest Siena public poll has $ean Eldridge down by 23 points to Chris Gibson (58%-35%). Eldridge is also viewed unfavorably (35%) by more people than view him favorably (33%).

This is all despite the fact that he has spent $4 million of his own $700 million fortune. Perhaps Politico’s Glenn Thursh said it best last July: “Meet Sean Eldridge the first human genetically engineered to be shaken down by political consultants.”

Now, here is a very serious question – if someone gave you $4 million, which of the following things would you do?

1. Take 4 of these world tours.


2. Dedicate yourself to rescuing every stray puppy in America.


 3. Buy this island in the Philippines.


 4. Purchase two of these Ferraris.


5. Invest in two golden Monopoly boards.


6. Start a campaign for Congress that will be widely panned as one of the worst in the country leading to you being down by 23 points in the polls with a week left in the campaign and the majority of people that know who you are will not like you.


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