Emily Cain Clearly Missed the Memo

March 3, 2015

Yawn.  It looks like Emily Cain is running for Congress…again.  Clearly she missed the memo that Maine voters rejected her extreme policies at the ballot box last November.

This time around, Cain says she will employ a “stronger campaign strategy.”  We are delighted that she didn’t make any mention of toning down her extreme positions that Maine voters rejected last November – it’ll make our job easier.

Maine voters simply cannot afford Emily Cain’s extreme policies or those of her extreme liberal allies in Washington supporting her campaign, and that is something the NRCC is excited to remind the people of Maine over the next 20 months.

NRCC Comment:  “Last November, Maine voters sent Emily Cain a clear message that they don’t support her extreme polices and record of higher taxes and bigger government.  Bruce Poliquin is the obvious choice for bipartisan solutions in Washington who will work to create jobs and hold the line on taxes.  If Emily Cain is the Democratic nominee, we look forward to reminding voters that she is just too extreme for Maine.”  –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack