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lol Chet Culver wants to run on his record
NRCC | June 12, 2015

In some lighter news today, Chet Culver, he of 100,000 vote losses, is reportedly considering running for Congress in Iowa’s 3rd Congressional District. For reference, Culver lost the 3rd District by more than 28,000 votes in his failed 2010 reelection campaign – not exactly friendly territory.chet

Even more amusing is that Culver’s team is pushing his record on fiscal issues as a selling point. That’s right, the politician dubbed “Big Debt Chet” because of the astronomically high budget deficits he ran up is supposedly looking at campaigning on a message of fiscal responsibility.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Culver and his team are clearly so out of touch that they think a few election cycles can turn Chet’s biggest weakness into a strength. Seriously, how short do they think Iowans’ memories are?

“Voters resoundingly rejected Chet Culver’s failed tenure as governor in 2010, and he will not find a warm welcome should he decide to run again. Even though a few years have passed, Iowans still remember the rampant unemployment and enormous deficits of the Chet Culver years.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter

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