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Steve Israel has completely lost it
NRCC | June 17, 2015

israelAt this point, it’s safe to say that Steve Israel has completely lost it.  After seven terms in Congress, he has no sense of the issues that are important to his New York constituents.  Israel’s latest tone-deaf déjà vu vote was cast last night when he voted for the 7th time in 5 weeks to close Guantanamo Bay.  This could bring known terrorists onto U.S. soil, return them to their country of origin, or flat-out release them.

Israel’s liberal votes are part of a larger problem.  He’s voted with Nancy Pelosi a staggering 97.5% of the time during the 114th Congress.  That number is high for any member of Congress, but is especially high for someone like Israel, who represents a swing district in the Long Island suburbs.

NRCC Comment: “Steve Israel has lost his mind if he thinks voting to release known terrorists is a good idea.  It’s clear that Long Islanders deserve a fresh face in Congress who will fight for them, not a career politician like Steve Israel who votes with Nancy Pelosi 97.5 percent of the time.” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack


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