Why is LuAnn Bennett wearing a VA-10 name tag at DCCC’s candidate school?

October 22, 2015


This is LuAnn Bennett.

nancyLuAnn is friends with Nancy Pelosi (left).


 LuAnn lives in Washington, D.C….


…and is  living the high life in a $1.35 million condo in the D.C. Ritz Carlton.


 According to the seller, LuAnn’s new crib is a “Fantastic 2BR, 2.5BA floor plan at the Residences at the Ritz Carlton with large living room, Dining/Media Room, top of the line kitchen, spacious Master Suite, additional guest suite, and 1 car parking.”


 And that makes us suuuuper jealous!

virginia sign

 LuAnn also has a mansion in Virginia.

va 05 map

 It’s in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District.


It seems ok.

mansion view

 It has an alright view.

mansion pool

 And a decent enough swimming pool with an alright pool house.


 Did someone say cannonball?!


 So clearly as a resident of Washington, D.C. and having a mansion in VA-05, LuAnn wouldn’t try running for Congress in VA-10, would she?

luann outside

 That’s what makes this photo of LuAnn outside of the DCCC’s candidate boot camp this morning so interesting. 

name tag

 As you can see, it says “VA-10.”


 What exactly are you up to, LuAnn?

watching you

 We’ll be watching and waiting.


 Have a nice day!