CONFIRMED: Gretchen Driskell was in D.C. when she missed road vote

October 23, 2015

Yesterday, we asked why Gretchen Driskell missed an important vote in the state house on a bill to fund Michigan’s crumbling roads and if it was because she was in Washington, D.C. at a Democratic campaign event.  Even though Driskell’s campaign would not return calls for comment as to her whereabouts, we can now confirm that Driskell was in Washington, D.C. at that time.

Gilbert in DC

This was last night on the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue SE & 7th Street SE.  (Note the flu shot sign).

7th and Penn

This is the same corner during the day with D.C. street signs in the picture.

Driskell should explain why she would attack Tim Walberg on his vote to ensure that the Highway Trust Fund continues to be funded since she was too busy campaigning for her next office to bother to do her current job in Lansing.

Flu Shots

Oh, and maybe one last question.  Can someone confirm whether or not she got a flu shot?  It is flu season, after all.  😉

Driskell Against Roads, GOP Asks Where She Was


The House roads plan found its way into the elections already Thursday, with Rep. Gretchen Driskell (D-Saline), who is challenging U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg (R-Tipton) for the 7th U.S. House District, saying she would have joined her caucus against it and Republicans questioning why she wasn’t there.

“Last night, the reckless Republican majority in our state legislature chose to ram through a roads funding package that would cost Michigan working families hundreds of millions of dollars – all in an attempt to flex political muscle in the midst of party infighting – and I would have voted no on this partisan bills,” Ms. Driskell said in a statement Thursday.

Ms. Driskell said Mr. Walberg holds some of the responsibility for the issue because Congress also has not passed a comprehensive transportation funding package.

But Chris Pack with the National Republican Campaign Committee chided Ms. Driskell for missing the vote, speculating that she was instead in Washington, D.C. at a Democratic Party campaign event.

“Did Gretchen Driskell miss an important vote yesterday in the state house on a $1.2 billion road funding plan because she was in D.C. raising money for her campaign for congress?” he said.

He used a number of her own quotes on the issue against her in arguing she should have been on the House floor Wednesday night.

“Hopefully Gretchen Driskell enjoyed her time off and her decision to ‘shirk responsibility’ even though ‘Michigan drivers need safety’ and a representative who is actually in Lansing ‘making the tough choices’ that ‘affects school bus routes and public safety.’ Clearly Driskell isn’t ‘very concerned about the lack of revenue’ for roadways seeing as how she couldn’t even be bothered to make the vote on the bill. The only question is why?” he said.

Ms. Driskell did not say in her statement why she missed the vote and a campaign spokesperson did not return requests for comment.