Is Lon Johnson lying on his financial disclosure statement?

November 10, 2015


This is Lon Johnson. 


Lon Johnson is running for Congress in MI-01.

question markBut has anyone confirmed that Lon Johnson actually lives in MI-01?

exhibit a

According to Johnson’s Financial Disclosure Statement (see “Exhibit A”), he owns three properties: one in Washington, DC, one in Royal Oak, MI, and one in Rockwood, MI. 

macomb dailyThat matches up with a 2013 column featured in The Macomb Daily, in addition to a property in Kalkaska (which is not listed on his disclosure form).

exhibit b
That means the Kalkaska residence must be Johnson’s primary or secondary home, since  instructions (“Exhibit B”) say to exclude personal residences and second homes from your disclosure form (which it is).



After a little detective work (with a slight assist from freedom of information laws) we were able to find Johnson’s Kalkaska address.



exhibit c

According to the State of Michigan (“Exhibit C”), the address of Johnson’s Kalkaska residence  is 6261 E. Bass Lake Road NE, Kalkaska, MI 49646.

exhibit d

This appears to be nothing more than a parcel of land or a hunting cabin.

don dem chair
And this appears to not be the face of someone who lives in a hunting cabin.

will smith
So is Lon Johnson lying on official documents about where he lives to make it look like he lives in MI-01?

If only there was some sort of superhero with the superpowers to make Lon Johnson answer the simple question on where he actually lives…


heers to you, press corps.