32 Congressional Candidates Announced “On the Radar” as Part of NRCC’s Young Guns Program

November 19, 2015

The National Republican Congressional Committee announced the first round of “On the Radar” candidates, the first level of the committee’s Young Guns program, ahead of the 2016 elections. This program will help to provide candidates the tools they need to run successful, winning campaigns against their Democratic opponents.

“These 32 candidates all provide a stark contrast to their liberal opponents, whose support of bigger government, more spending and President Obama’s job-destroying agenda have steered our country down a dangerous path,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden (R-OR). “With working families still struggling in this weak economy and our national security under increasing threats, we must elect more Republicans to Congress who will work to strengthen our nation. I am confident that these candidates will continue to work hard for their communities and build strong campaigns as we head into the election year.”

The Young Guns program supports and mentors challenger and open-seat candidates in races across the country. Officially an NRCC effort for the past three election cycles, the program requires its candidates to work towards specific goals and meet benchmarks throughout the year to ensure their campaigns remain competitive, well-funded and communicative within their districts. “On the Radar” is the first of three levels in the Young Guns program. In the 2014 election cycle, the program helped to elect 45 new Republican Members to the 114th Congress.

Please see below for a list of the candidates.

  • AZ-01 Ken Bennett
  • AZ-01 Gary Kiehne
  • CA-03 Eugene Cleek
  • CA-24 Justin Fareed
  • CA-24 Katcho Achadjian
  • CA-52 Denise Gitsham
  • FL-02 Mary Thomas
  • FL-02 Neal  Dunn
  • FL-06 Sandy Adams
  • FL-06 Adam Barringer
  • FL-18 Rebecca Negron
  • FL-18 Rick Kozell
  • FL-18 Noelle Nikpour
  • FL-18 Brian Mast
  • FL-18 Carl Domino
  • IL-11 Tonia Khouri
  • IN-03 Kip Tom
  • IN-03 Pam Galloway
  • IN-03 Jim Banks
  • IN-09 Erin Houchin
  • IN-09 Greg Zoeller
  • MD-06 Amie Hoeber
  • MI-10 Phil Pavlov
  • MI-10 Paul Mitchell
  • MN-08  Stewart Mills
  • NE-02 Don Bacon
  • NV-03 Michael Roberson
  • NV-03 Danny Tarkanian
  • NV-03 Andy Matthews
  • NY-03 David Gurfein
  • NY-19 Andrew Heaney
  • NY-19 John Faso