Former Governor Mitt Romney to Headline NRCC’s 2016 March Dinner

December 8, 2015

At this morning’s Republican Conference meeting, Speaker Paul Ryan announced to his colleagues, alongside NRCC Chairman Greg Walden and March Dinner Chair Adam Kinzinger, that former Governor Mitt Romney will be the keynote speaker at the NRCC’s 22nd Annual March Dinner.

“Governor Mitt Romney is one of my dearest friends, and I’m honored that he will be serving as the keynote speaker for this year’s March Dinner,” said Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. “Mitt has a distinguished legacy of public service and his leadership has been instrumental in moving the Republican Party in the right direction. Mitt’s love for our country and his unwavering desire to make it a better place makes him the perfect person to speak at our March Dinner.”

Former Governor Mitt Romney said, “America is at its strongest when our citizens have confidence and trust in their government. Speaker Ryan and House Republicans have shown the country a vision for the future and a way to strengthen our economy and national security at such a critical time. I’m excited and proud to work with the Speaker and the NRCC in promoting our need for a stronger America.”

“Governor Mitt Romney is a dedicated and hard-working public servant and we are honored to have him as our keynote speaker for this year’s March Dinner,” said NRCC Chairman Greg Walden. “In 2002, Mitt was elected as Governor of Massachusetts where he worked tirelessly to cut spending and reduce a billion dollar deficit for his constituents. Governor Mitt Romney is a true American patriot and we are thankful to have him speak at our March Dinner.”

March Dinner Chair Adam Kinzinger added, “It is a true honor to have Governor Mitt Romney as our keynote speaker for our 22nd Annual March Dinner. The Governor has always pushed for reforms that would create more jobs, grow our economy and strengthen our national security. It is a privilege for House Republicans to welcome Governor Romney to Washington.”

The NRCC’s Annual March Dinner will take place on March 22nd in Washington, D.C.