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The Best Christmas Movies (According To The NRCC Communications Team)
NRCC | December 22, 2015


Meet Me In St Louis


Chosen by Katie Martin, NRCC Communications Director: Meet Me In St. Louis might not be a Christmas movie to everyone but it’s one of my all-time favorites during the holidays. Being the little sister in my family, I could always relate to the rambunctious Tootie Smith who, like myself, was nothing but trouble as a kid. While all of my family is back home in Detroit for Christmas, it is fun watching movies I enjoyed growing up that remind me of home.


The Polar Express

Chosen by : Jordan Davis, Policy Director: 

This actually is not my favorite Christmas Movie.  But I have a three year old daughter who happens to be really into trains these days.  So, recently we watched The Polar Express and she was enthralled – she sat and watched the whole thing start to finish and if you know anything about toddlers you know that this is a Christmas miracle.  She loved The Polar Express.  Therefore, so do I.

Die Hard

Chosen by Stephanie Genco, Deputy Policy Director: 

I know, I know.  Some feel strongly that this isn’t a Christmas movie, but it is in my book.   Die Hard is a classic action movie that takes place on Christmas Eve, and there’s just enough holiday spirit to qualify it.  John McClane meets his wife at an uncomfortable office Christmas party just before a group of terrorists (led by pre-Love Actually Alan Rickman), take everyone hostage.  Christmas music is featured throughout, Nakatomi plaza is filled with poinsettias, twinkle lights, and Christmas trees, and it has the most hilarious use of, “Ho-Ho-Ho” in a movie.


Jingle All the Way

Chosen by Zach Hunter, Regional Press Secretary: 
Here are the top 3 reasons why “Jingle All The Way” is the best Christmas movie of all time: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sinbad, Phil Hartman. No other holiday movie can boast such a heavy-hitting cast with the depth and nuance to explore the gripping struggle of a father’s quest to live up to his son’s expectations. Arnold’s powerhouse performance is one for the ages, but Sinbad keeps pace with the Governator through sheer force of personality and impeccable comedic timing while Phil Hartman delivers the supporting role of a lifetime as the nosy neighbor we all love to hate. Capped with an iconic scene of Arnie stepping into the role of a real life action hero – complete with a functioning jet pack –  Jingle All The Way will keep that warm holiday glow alive in our hearts for years to come.


Home Alone 2

Chosen by Chris Pack, Regional Press Secretary:
Home Alone 2 is awesome and I still don’t understand why it got such a lousy rating.  Sure, it’s the exact same movie as the original Home Alone.  But as the old saying goes, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.”  And let’s not forget the awesomeness of the Talkboy that was invented for this movie.  (Remember, “This is Peter McCalister, the faaaaather.”) It also features one of my favorite Christmas songs, “All Alone On Christmas,” which features “The Big Man” Clarence Clemmons (RIP) from the E Street Band on saxophone.  Good stuff.  “Credit card?  You got it!”


Christmas Vacation

Chosen by Kate Constantini, Deputy Press Secretary
Sure, there are sappy movies that could be called Christmas “classics” but who wouldn’t want to watch a family crazier than yours trying to survive the holiday season? This kind of movie makes you feel like you’ve got it easy as you watch the Griswolds trek to find the perfect tree, fight off squirrels and terrible neighbors, and try to not kill each other as the spirit of Christmas brings them closer together.


The Muppet Christmas Carol

Chosen by Camille Gallo, Director of TV and Radio: 
This movie takes the Charles Dickens’ classic A Christmas Carol and makes it better because…SINGING MUPPETS!  And Michael Caine as Scrooge is so #boss.  The movie teaches viewers a great Christmas message, you get back the joy you give (commonly referred to as karma).  It also encourages reading the book, but who are they kidding? You’re not going to go read the book after watching this amazing adaptation.

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