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The DCCC Gave Up In CO-03 Before Their Candidate Even Announced
NRCC | April 8, 2016

schwartzBefore state Senator Gail Schwartz even had a chance to formally announce her candidacy in CO-03, the DCCC placed her on the lowest rung of their disastrous “Red to Blue” program. The candidates in the “Emerging” candidates program to which Schwartz was named went an astonishing 0 for 12 in 2014.

The DCCC has a history of over-promising and under-delivering with their Red to Blue program:

  • In 2012, the DCCC’s Red to Blue and “Emerging” candidates had a combined record of 7-23, with multiple candidates even losing their primaries to candidates who would go on to lose in the general election.
  • In their disastrous 2014 cycle, the DCCC waited to unveil its first roundof Red to Blue and “Emerging” candidates until March. Those candidates had a combined record of 4-36, including a hilarious 0-12 among “Emerging” candidates.

If national Democrats are already relegating Schwartz to the back bench, then they aren’t even pretending that this race will be competitive in the fall.

NRCC Comment: “National Democrats already gave up on CO-03 before their candidate even announced. By listing Gail Schwartz in the lowest rung of their Red to Blue program, the DCCC is putting her in the company of candidates who all lost last cycle.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter

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