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Do NY-24 Democrats want to expand Obamacare?
NRCC | May 5, 2016

Now that Democrats are running to the left on health care thanks to the rise of socialist Bernie Sanders, what do the NY-24 Democratic candidates think?

NY-24 voters are pretty evenly split on whether they support Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton. So will Colleen Deacon, Steve Williams and Eric Kingson be feelin’ the Bern by embracing an expansion of Obamacare?  Or will they stand with Hillary, who thinks Obamacare is working?

NRCC Comment: “Voters in New York’s 24th District deserve to know if Colleen Deacon, Steve Williams and Eric Kingson are embracing the health care policies of socialist Bernie Sanders or those of the incredibly unpopular Hillary Clinton. Do NY-24 Democrats agree with Bernie Sanders that Obamacare needs to be expanded or do they agree with Hillary Clinton that Obamacare is working perfectly?” –NRCC Spokesman Chris Pack

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