Democrats Reject Morgan Carroll’s Trial Lawyer Handout

May 17, 2016

CO energyTo commemorate what may be her final week in the state legislature, Morgan Carroll made sure to go out true to her trial lawyer roots. Even up to the final minute, Carroll was the sole Senate sponsor of legislation so self-serving to the trial lawyer community, including potentially Carroll herself, the measure was voted down 8-1 in committee, with only 1 Democrat supporting the measure.

Because the bill would ignore brand new agency rulemaking and make it easier to sue energy companies that provide critical jobs for Colorado workers the Governor’s office piled on, saying the legislation “raises serious concerns” and that it was a “solution in search of a problem.” Clearly the solution Carroll was looking for was a way to enrich her trial lawyer buddies, even if it meant hurting Colorado’s economy. Luckily, even Carroll’s fellow Senate Democrats could see just how wrongheaded the bill was and joined with Republicans to vote it down.

NRCC Comment: “This is just the latest example of Morgan Carroll pushing legislation that would enrich her trial lawyer buddies without regard for the real world consequences for Colorado families. Even the Governor and Carroll’s fellow Senate Democrats knew this was nothing more than a handout to trial lawyers and opposed the legislation.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter