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Fox Sacramento Presses Bera on Scandal, Bera Contradicts Previous Claim
NRCC | May 20, 2016

watchThis morning Fox 40 Sacramento pressed Ami Bera on some of the lingering questions about his campaign finance scandal, causing Bera to contradict one of the key claims in his defense. In his interview this morning, Bera claimed he learned about the investigation in April (starting at 2:25). However, on May 10th, Bera told told Fox 40 that he found out about the investigation in October.

Which is it? And how can Bera make a 6 month mistake when talking about how long it has been since he last spoke with his father?

Fox 40 also pressed Bera on how more than 90 friends, family, and acquaintances were involved and yet he claims he had no idea (starting at 1:00) and whether or not he would resign if he or his staff were later implicated in the ongoing investigation (starting at 2:45). Predictably, and rather uncomfortably, Bera refused to answer either question, though he may not have a choice soon.

Click here for a side-by-side of Bera’s contradiction.

NRCC Comment: “The more questions Ami Bera is asked about his involvement in his campaign finance scandal, the more his story looks untenable. Clearly Ami Bera is working overtime to keep his story straight, but when forced to talk about his scandal Bera’s defense crumbles under the most basic scrutiny.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter

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