As Colorado Health Care Premiums Skyrocket, Will Morgan Carroll Run On Single-Payer?

June 6, 2016

carroll single payer dayWith news breaking that Colorado health care premiums are set to skyrocket and nearly 100,000 Coloradans will be forced to find new coverage, will Morgan Carroll finally start running on her support of single-payer health care? According to KUSA:

“Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, for example, is seeking a 26.8% premium increase for individual plans in 2017.

 Rocky Mountain HMO is seeking a 34.6% increase.

 In addition, Anthem has decided not to offer its PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) individual plans in 2017. In all, the Colorado Division of Insurance said Monday around 92,000 people with individual plans from Anthem, UnitedHealth, Humana, and Rocky Mountain Health Plans will have to find other coverage during open enrollment in the fall.”

At the 2009 National Single Payer Day Of Action, Carroll proudly touted the savings and unparalleled coverage that single-payer would supposedly afford. Clearly, Obamacare is not living up to its promises. Will Carroll use the latest news to push for the single-payer system that she has always dreamed of?

You can read a full list of proposed rate changes here.

NRCC Comment: “With thousands of Coloradans learning that they may be forced to pay much more for their health care, will Morgan Carroll finally run on her longstanding support of a single-payer system? Clearly Carroll has all along wanted a more expansive version of Obamacare, even if Colorado families have to suffer through increased premiums and unreliable coverage from this disastrous law.” – NRCC Spokesman Zach Hunter